Friday, July 11, 2008

Ideas and whatnot.

These production mock ups didn't make it past my scrutiny because of two reasons. Production error in the blanks and unprecedented communications errors with my wood guy. The board delivered was not the mold I made. The ride was compromised and thus the Backlight mock up art became reality on another shape and size. Evolution through necessity. The board will have it's day next spring with new art. However the ride I'm looking for has to translate to the wood and to you the rider. Otherwise there is no stoke and what would be the point. I make good rides, the art is to assure you of that.

I'd like to believe I have integrity and commitment to quality. Otherwise I'd just make tongue depressors with crayon scrawling.

Then again I hear some guys doing that and making a mint. This is skateboarding, not a get rich quick scheme.