Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Argggh pinup hell

Backorders on pinups are nearly completed. I had a bad batch of wood in December and took 5 months to sort out Being the small guy I had no choice but to wait till resolved. Now that the wood has been delivered, they are painted awaiting printing. This was only a few boards, 4 to be exact. Dedication to quality prohibits that I fail.

Dead Fuselier decks are coming. In fact tomorrow. These are the same shape as the Ipod Kamikazes, proportionate portrait to the Kami as well and is board no. 2 in the series. They are in high gloss black, semi flat white super clean print atop. Limited exclusive 1 time only top graphic...Wha? Huh? on each board Kray you're crazy!!! No I just like to have fun and this was fun, though time consuming. If you read this blog, special price, otherwise pay a higher price for not reading this at least once a week.

And each deck has 2 hours of unique art atop each board!!!

What a deal.