Friday, October 22, 2010

Slaves of Phobos license board to come out by Miramar.

Being that I like David and Ryan very much over at Miramar Skateboards I agreed several months ago to license my Slaves Series(several not being completed yet) to Miramar. That leaves some 428 unpublished works like this or more detailed in the pot.
It's to be a street deck, but if I had it my way would use one of my street-prop or devil shapes. Street boards are just big freestyle boards.

The complete series is to be: Brides of Demos, Slaves of Phobos and a unnamed board.

Acid Spider a go-go

Reminds me of Halloween. However this is Scott Glubay much awaited board just before clear coating. More of these are rolling off on new Deck Crafters wood.

Mickey Rourke skated XXX?!

Mickey Rourke in the movie Body Heat(1981) used to rock XXX. In the movie the shirt was removed in each frame of the movieby hand and is another example of how the man kept XXX down in the 1980's.

Notice behind Mickey there's a A6M Zero plane poster.

Monday, October 11, 2010


XXX To be purchased by worlds largest Action Sports Retailer?
After 1 year of negotiations the small boutique brand XXX Skateboards created by Kray Sudderth is being looked at to be brought into the fold as a unique and unifying force in Skateboarding with sales in excess of 480 million world wide. Though small in size, XXX has created & maintained a 1 man operation against diversity and life altering issues. XXX has a knowledge base that surpasses companies 300 times it's size, creates more art collateral pound for pound. When commented the notorious artist Kray said that it was time that either someone steps up to keep this a family sized event or that a percentage be offered on the way before merger. Kray has created 66,326 skateboards by hand since 1982. He makes, shapes, creates his own art and is known for quality. He also related in any case customers come first, he values anyone and everyone that stuck through him as he fought for his health. Ultimately Kray would like that XXX stay a skater run company that makes fine art for skaters at a reasonable price.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Items for sale

For Sale: Rarities, samples, portfolio pieces and 1 offs to never be repeated. Any questions please ask. All items ship in 2-4 days and at either UPS Ground, USPS First Class and Foreign orders are welcome.

Check back frequently for more rarities, custom skateboard decks and out of production prints.

Dead Fusileer Oberleutnant high gloss print signed and dated "Kray 2010" and is 8"1/8"x17" 1/8" $28 *PENDING SALE*

In Tears Prototype Print: in black w/ margins. Crisp and mint on high gloss and measures 21" tall by 12' wide. $40...nice print to have since I may release some more full color version, maybe large. There wont be another one of these, there was only ever 5. Most came with the matching board.

Strings Original Ink. On 10"x20" Crescent illustration board and black black archive ink done in pen and brush. Originally inked free hand, however I am a perfectionist. I eventually redid this ink. This is the beta. The final version had KRAY as the baseplate name. Fair price to a person that wants a quality original.