Sunday, October 10, 2010

Items for sale

For Sale: Rarities, samples, portfolio pieces and 1 offs to never be repeated. Any questions please ask. All items ship in 2-4 days and at either UPS Ground, USPS First Class and Foreign orders are welcome.

Check back frequently for more rarities, custom skateboard decks and out of production prints.

Dead Fusileer Oberleutnant high gloss print signed and dated "Kray 2010" and is 8"1/8"x17" 1/8" $28 *PENDING SALE*

In Tears Prototype Print: in black w/ margins. Crisp and mint on high gloss and measures 21" tall by 12' wide. $40...nice print to have since I may release some more full color version, maybe large. There wont be another one of these, there was only ever 5. Most came with the matching board.

Strings Original Ink. On 10"x20" Crescent illustration board and black black archive ink done in pen and brush. Originally inked free hand, however I am a perfectionist. I eventually redid this ink. This is the beta. The final version had KRAY as the baseplate name. Fair price to a person that wants a quality original.

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