Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Brides of Deimos" in the works.

This is a small sample of a much larger image that is to be 3 skateboards in a limited series that will be out at the end of summer to accomplish the "Slaves of Phobos" deck.

Slaves of Phobos sample.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New retailers of XXX decks and prints

Several new shops will be carrying select XXX giclee and silkscreen prints and limited exclusive decks in Los Angeles. GCIS know where these shops are. XXX is a limited exclusive company that focuses on righteous art for skaters.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mizz 9MM Redux

Sample Image only. The full poster is 20"x30" and is from the thighs to the top of head.

This is the final version of the 9MM, This is to be a silkscreen poster in the future sold exclusively through select retailers and on release dates only.

Exclusive, limited.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Space Monkey

space Monkey, Actually a juvenile Chimpanzee.

The first manned mission to Mars was a failure. The landing crew is feared dead or in need of a rescue.....

The second mission to Mars was by trained Chimpanzees....

It was discovered in the late 1940's that Chimpanzees can indure higher G's. Thus a 1 year trip to Mars could be done with simians at high G trust in half the time. Thus a crew of simians was sent.
These test where decerened from rocket sled experiements and high enertia blunt force test conducted by the U.S.A.F in the early 1950's. The USAF and NASA both launched Chimpanzee's into low earth orbit, including dogs and monkeys.

Closeup of actual larger ink with more going on.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rising Sun Kamikaze Flying Eye

Flying eyes are only custom order and for HWAP. This one was for Dxtr. Silkscreened red sunburst, then masked out, airbrushed yellow and orange side rails. Airbrushed eye detail, then hand painted. SOF and HWAP always get the hook ups and always a pleasure to deal with CIGS. This was all done on a white full dip 30"x10.5" quality board and is a mixture of 3 disciplines in various amounts. Much akin to painting a custom car, then silkscreening it and then doing a brush painting.

Custom work takes time.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dead Astronaut: Work in Progress

Some of the image has been blocked out since it's just to intense for most people!
The actual finished print is avaliable on Castaway and Reformation and is 36"x11.75" and a full color version silkscreen will be avaliable in September.

This is a SOF item. Thank you.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Baby Flying Eye

This is a baby flying eye on a 6.75"x27" board given to me by the good guys at Miramar Skateboards located in local Pomonastan. The board started off natural wood then was done in 3 coats medium course aluminum flake, 3 coats candy strawberry and cherry red then 9 color flying eye. Some airbrush some hand painted. They'll never be another one. It's not for sale and is in the private collection of my friend the composer Danny Elfman.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kamikaze Ipod release

I've even numbers up for sale of the Ipod 2 and there's only 24 left and 1 orange prototype.

These are 33.25"x8.75" and silkscreened in 3 colors with a 1 color top prints. Prototype sets(proofs) are silkscreend with a 2 color top and are maked "P" instead of a numeral.

There is only 4 prototypes.

Once these are gone they will never be repeated.

Limited to only 50 ever, signed and numbered.

Monday, July 12, 2010


The last complete set of grade-A quality first prints of Pinup No.1, No.2 is for sale. These are the last set I have and are top quality. They are $500+shipping for the set. These are full wrap black boards in Anti-Magnetic semi flat. Amazing to touch and have beautiful appearance.

Never to be repeated and or offered again.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July mat print sale

These are prints on mat heavyweight paper. New paper, nice colors and very much the feel and look of offset with silkscreen colors. There's several prints left of each image. Once gone they are gone. These are just an experiment.

Mizz Melt Away(a working title)

Something I am working on and has yet to have the color cut. The idea, maybe cliche comes from some old punk album in the 80's(forgot the name of the band) that had this pullout showing a grizzly photo of a nun killed by El Salvadorian secret police that had acid poured on her face. One of the lyrics was "Grab a gun, kill a nun lets got to El Salvador."

Anyone knows the album, the song will win a free deck.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Posters and more posters

We switched to a new more durable paper for our short run Giclee prints which is mat flat heavyweight paper. As well the colors have been adjusted to be vibrant but yet subdued to give a nice pop. From bottom to top: Octo print, Slave of Phobos, Mizz 13 and A6M1 Zero prints which are limited to what you see.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Kamikaze Cross & Ipod Pig

Kamikaze Attack!

This board is a long time coming and is subsequent graphics. These are done on an exact copy of a 1980 Sims Animal Skin shape(same as Sims Kamikaze and Hosoi's first board) however it was patterned to be 10.50" wide and 30.5" long with 16" wheel base and 3.25" of nose. Each board is limited to 5 pieces in each design. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Kamikaze Cross: Airbrushed in 10 colors then silkscreened black outline taking exactness and skill over 5 hours of work. $200 preorder only(expected turn around 2 weeks)This is your last opportunity to get this amazing board after these 5 there will be no more like it.

Kamikaze Ipod Pig: Limited to 10 boards these are printed twice in red(very exact science) and then printed gallery ink black. Printed with top logo. These boards due to there exact printing standards are printed as ordered. Limited to 10 ever. Signed and numbered. $190

Always hand made, always made in America by the Artist.

Exclusive prints

Complete Aviation sets. There is a few complete sets of series 1, which consisted of 3 WWII planes. P40 Warhawk, Me109G and the imfamous Ohka rocket plane. Note about the Ohka, it's a real plane, some 500 where made and used by the Japanese, however only a few ever hit there targets due to Allied air supperiority. 24"x10" $80 for all 3. Singed and numbered.

This is a a test print of an image not meant for production besides a test run. Limited to 3 complete sets. It's currently being reduxed and will be released in July as a series of 3 prints of head, torso and hips and you can buy as many sections as your wife will allow. All are sold out except one set of 4 for $65+shipping.

Shop boards

These are two shop boards that I use to get around the shop or run to the cornner to get a bottle of water. I'm down a hill so on the way back I butt board. They Acid Pink board is 9ply, the Green Army(XXX Skateboards & Ordanance) board is 10 ply. Lots of fun. They are both 27.5"x6.75".

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Last Flying Eye

Featured in several magazines world wide as of recent and a nice send up to the Flying Eye series now that it's over. Pretty board and a pleasure to make. Limited to 2 boards in this color ever. One is still avaliable. Hit me up for more pictures if needed.

A6M1 "Zero" plane print -Exlcusive-

A6M1 Zero plane prints. These are the rarest of the rare. Like the 9MM print it's an exclusive piece that was only made in 10 white and 1o green. If you missed these your going to have to wait for the next plane release. I only make small batches of prints and the reason why is that my art isn't for everyone and is intended for an intimate set of collectors and enthusiasts.