Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Monday

The last two weeks have been hell on wood, being that it's rained, snowed and hailed. Thus I will not be rushed when it comes to perfection. If you purchased a board between September and December all boards made during that time or since are made very different.


1. A board that was made previous to these dates has to have additional clear. I went with a new system, it takes 24 hours between coats.

2. If it's a new board or past due board in waiting; it will be done on new wood which is guaranteed by the OEM, no ifs or butts. These boards go through the same clearing process as in item 1.

I apologize for delays and shipping dates not made. I care about what I make and it wont be rushed and I hope you appreciate this attention to detail.

There is no refunds, all items are custom and nothing ships till I am satisfied thus you'll be satisfied.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The view from Santa Monica had ambient lighting

I moved to Pomona for more work space, however exactly where the shops at is a twilight zone of extreme temperature differences and ridiculous inconsistencies with how products would come out but some amazing stuff has come out of Pomona by force of will alone it seems. Skateboards should be made near the coast not next to a trans dimensional doorway.

Pomona(note various things on the couch: prototype prints, exclusive shirts and my stuffed octopus. You know how hard it is to do taxidermy on one of those? :)

Santa Monica

Friday, January 22, 2010

Metal Spider

This is a color sample I did for a Spider board for a first time customer, that wanted something different in addition to his stock Spider purchased in August. As with things custom it takes time. In this case it was a whole new color system, and exuberant but that's the part I add; and that's to make it beyond your expectations. If you're patient, I will give you the stars. Note: the paint isn't made of neutrino matter that will be next year.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Acid Spiders

The remaining Acid Spiders are to being sourced on a new wood and concave. The previous boards where not suitable for the amount of water, dying process that makes the vivid colors and many warped. Many commitments where dragged out longer then ever expected. The new wood is a single kick and 7 ply. In fact I now have pushed the dying process to a point it's become a new technology in it's own right.

Be patient, it will be rad. I expect the remaining boards to be in on February 5th.