Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Monday

The last two weeks have been hell on wood, being that it's rained, snowed and hailed. Thus I will not be rushed when it comes to perfection. If you purchased a board between September and December all boards made during that time or since are made very different.


1. A board that was made previous to these dates has to have additional clear. I went with a new system, it takes 24 hours between coats.

2. If it's a new board or past due board in waiting; it will be done on new wood which is guaranteed by the OEM, no ifs or butts. These boards go through the same clearing process as in item 1.

I apologize for delays and shipping dates not made. I care about what I make and it wont be rushed and I hope you appreciate this attention to detail.

There is no refunds, all items are custom and nothing ships till I am satisfied thus you'll be satisfied.

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