Thursday, January 24, 2013

Computer ate shite!

Update on late orders; custom work, consignments and stock items.

I am behind by several weeks due to an injury to my back as well as an ongoing issue that resulted in the death of my hard drive. Fortunately the hard drive issue is being fixed.

All orders should resume by Feb 3rd, as I am attempting to do my first gallery show in 5 years with a bad back and sans computer to print films.

I always encourage people from the SNB to hit me up in email during this time.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

And end of a run.

Just an FYI about skateboards. I am no longer attempting to make even in small batches beautiful, hand crafted exact time consuming gallery quality skateboards. What was supposed to be a 4 year experiment has come to a conclusion. In that time I have labored, struggled and the rewards have not be in proportion to my time. Though I love skateboard, I love all that it entails I cannot deal to a minority of customers that no matter how much additional time I give for free to make sure their item, project or finished piece is nearly beyond anything ever created quality wise it has only put me behind the 8-ball and in the last year I cannot put myself at a disadvantage that results in the customer being at a disadvantage. My interest has always been art, not collectables.

I will continue to make skateboards and in the future will make releases however XXX has changed it's direction and I as an artist have changed my goals.

I make the highest quality constructed and finished skateboards. Maybe not the best art and maybe not your style and that is open to your taste however I make nice stuff that is durable and pretty.

Thank you,