Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yes your board is being made

I'm recovering from several things, one a slight accident that left me with 3rd and 4th degree like burns. Basically an allergy related to chemicals in the shop. Very benin chemicals.

As well, a batch of boards was ruined. Uncured wood was the cause and the radical weather changes here caused the mess. I recently went with another wood shop since my commitment to quality didn't match my old woodshops excesses on quality control. The total loss in art hours was, 82 hours, total cost of wood not replaced, $1,232, total coast of new wood $2,100.

Effectively I'm broke since that was my life savings. So trust me I was at the brink, and I decided to push all my chips in where anyone else would have just stopped. Oh and the view from the edge, it's bottomless and I decided to move inland. That's a metaphor.

Thanks for reading.

This is the list.

- Stings boards: These are cut, drilled. Awaiting various stains.

- Kamikaze Ipods: These are shipping next week. If your not used to waiting and not used to quality goods then please understand once you hold this board, there will be nothing you've ever held like it. It's not a production board. I'm printing the final color in the coming days.

- Custom boards: Custom boards are custom boards. Often enough these take time. I spent over $100 to make a carbon non clotting saturation dye. Essentially for one board I invented the wheel. The customer wanted it, I didn't say know and I like the evolution of something new. So understand that a custom board, it's done when it gets done because this work is exact, I often have to make it count and can't get it wrong. Often enough the amount of time for custom work does not amount the quote. Thus I do a great job and deliver a great product, just be patient.

- Psycho Skulls: These boards are defunct, the art, master traces, based paint, custom print colors and whatnot was shredded, burnt, torn and trashed today. There is one left and it's SpookeyNoLegs board. Please understand, when there gone there gone. I don't repeat art. We move on west.

- Ipod KR II: This board is slated for April if I feel like doing it. Might not. Don't like making boards people can't wait for and I cannot guarantee deliver times. This is a tip to tip full graphic with custom mixed inks, not out of the can stuff and a gallery quality print. It will happen eventually.

- Strings Longboard: A rumor only, there maybe a Spider Acid Strings longboard. However making longboards are time consuming. Average stain, paint, print takes 9-14 hours per board.

- Acid Spider: There is to be only 4 of each, green and purple. That is all until I make a large batch of blanks. These boards take 14 hours of paint work, drying time, airbrushing and a 3 color print!!!

- Fumes II: The test boards are all out the door except one. I'm trying something new. Something really neat but it will be nearly identical to the ones that keep coming out. This is J. Cryan's board.