Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rogues gallery of Flying Eyes

As you see on the far left and right is the Von Dutch(everyone called him that except women) flying I he drew me to show me the fundimentals of drawing when I was 7. It's my stock eye, it's our root and is from a man that basically made me make skateboards and threw lots of shop tools at me. RIP my mentor and thanks for all the crude jokes and cynical view of the world.

I've been asked about doing a collaboration book about the time Dutch was my impromtue baby sitter, mentor in art joke telling victim. However I've decided to add it to one of the two books I finished up. Either "Fumes" or "How to draw yourself out of hell."

Mr. Kenny Howard would have been proud, my work's perfect and silly.

Both are being looked at by Motorbooks publishing.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Burning RED CHROME 27.5" insanity

These are in process and after of this gem "Burning Red Chrome" and it was a total fluke deck with airbrush and hand painting that just came out right. Total accident. Red and orange on red doesn't work but it did. It's white base, then aluminum, then fine sanded (which they say not to due) and then cleared buffed, pin-stripped in release, then candy coated 7 coats, added sparkle clear, then buffed and goes on and on and on....

There maybe NOT be another like it. It's my favorite even if it took 9 hours of careful painting.

To purchase this board hit me with an email at totenkray(at)