Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Got Wood

After a year long dispute, attempts by myself to make it right the woodshop made good on the credit. However it was discovered and they wouldn't admit it that the reason so many boards warped and brought XXX to a halt is do to the fact they are cheap fucking bitches and only spray sanding sealer on there wood, not varnish, marine varnish or polyurethane but a cheap $8 a gallon acetate based sealer that looks shinny but has no weather proofing abilities and just makes the wood one big sponge.

They wouldn't ever admit this, I discovered it and had long before my suspicions. Sanding sealers come up gray when sanded, clears such as varnish, polyurethane come up tanish white due to the color additives and how it bonds to wood.

14 months of there lies, there bullshit and nearly being ruined and being at the mercy of such a shitty business.

Quality, excellence and no one obviously doesn't believe in it anymore.

Laying out Acid Spiders that are 7 months overdue!

Typical warped board from old wood, no clear coat applied at factory then sold to me.

As small production run of boards I shaped and pro sealed in American made polyurethane.