Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Original Veil Ink

Last year as I was contemplating the prototype print of the Veil I noticed that there wasn't enough rear end on the woman-ghoul. So after printing a test deck I decided to amend the films and burn more screens.

This is the original ink before the amended rear end.

What you are seeing is the actual ink, which is really a painting. Since I wanted to paint opaque white over black to see just how solid, smooth and easy to apply a new brand of ink was. This is as well the mater for the limited edition print and the final prototype deck.

The ink is 15" and 20" high. The ink is about 5% larger then the print on the deck. It's immaculate, really white and the ink was expertly laid down. It is more a painting then an illustration. In some of the photos you can see the different between the white-white board and the superior painted in white over the black background. If you hold it to the light at an angle you can see some slight smooth brush strokes.

My work is impeccable which is to say an ink isn't supposed to be perfect so this is more a painting then an ink.