Sunday, July 31, 2011

P51 Mustang Street Sweeper or Pool Killer.

P51 Mustang Release THIS MONDAY!

P51 Mustang, the Caddaliac of the Skies! Our second release in the silkscreened WWII profile series faithfully represents The North American P51-D Mustang and reproduced onto a high quality poppy 7ply Rock Hard Maple Canadian Maple deck that is pressed in Los Angeles. Affordable high quality laminations, high quality traditional silkscreen printing.

Limited to 35 pieces each.

Red Street P51. $68.00
8.125"x32", 14.75" WB.

Yellow Pool P51 $54.00
9"x33.75", 6.75 nose, 6.50 tail, 15.25" WB Yellow Pool Mustang. $68.50

Limited edition fine art posters are $20 shipped via first class mail with free tracking.

To purchase look back at the site tomorrow or contact:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Acid Spider batch 2 very limited!!!!

These are the stand alone old school shaped Acid Spiders that don't match the sets.

These are old school and are collectors editions consisting of 6 hours of painstaking work.

This is one of the finest pieces of wood I've ever put out. All AA plys, AB cross grains, heavy and well made with Dow glue. Single kick with a slight rocker. Aggression edge on top and finished in marine urethane. The deck was smoothed and sanded out to be like furniture. 9 shades of translucent dyes, paints and candy color airbrushed and then silkscreened in 3 colors atop a perfect piece of wood.

Limited to 8 in green


These will not be repeated.

To purchase look back at the site this coming Tuesday:

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ltd. Purple Metallic Baby Burn

Being that purple candies and metallics are the hardest to work with this was a test that came out better then expected. Limited, and 27.5"x7.50"and about 4 hours of prep, paint over white primer, silver wet sanded, color filled, candied in two shades of purple and is airbrushed and then printed black. Similar boards can be had for $155 and are limited in number due to the amount of time a smaller deck takes do to detail and that ever flaw at that scale is visable.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

WWII Street Profile Series

Tora Tora! The A6M Mitsubishi "Zero" kicked off our first in the line silkscreened decks made in Los Angeles that are affordable riders and or pop art. Each is an exact proportional rendering of a WWII piston airplane that is silkscreened and made in Los Angeles, not China. Limited to 45 pieces, 8 in silver/blue and 2 in white/blue.

Available at Rip City, Sunken City, Venice Originals.

Mustang is next in the series and will be released in mid July.