Saturday, July 30, 2011

Acid Spider batch 2 very limited!!!!

These are the stand alone old school shaped Acid Spiders that don't match the sets.

These are old school and are collectors editions consisting of 6 hours of painstaking work.

This is one of the finest pieces of wood I've ever put out. All AA plys, AB cross grains, heavy and well made with Dow glue. Single kick with a slight rocker. Aggression edge on top and finished in marine urethane. The deck was smoothed and sanded out to be like furniture. 9 shades of translucent dyes, paints and candy color airbrushed and then silkscreened in 3 colors atop a perfect piece of wood.

Limited to 8 in green


These will not be repeated.

To purchase look back at the site this coming Tuesday:

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