Monday, February 15, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dead Fusilier "Obber Leutnant" print

These are signed in silver in addition to the KRAY block.



Very, very pretty and very limited supply.

This is how it works, you buy the print you save 15% on the board when it comes out which works out to being the same discount as cash. But only if you buy the print.

These are pure black pigment digital outputs on 100 year semi gloss archive paper. Non fade or dulling out, archive quality. They are 9"x18" and same as the Hooded Fiend, Dirty Girl 2 but with a larger margin of white paper for framing.

Friday, February 12, 2010

This is a test board done over several months trying a new system for translucent and base mixed pearls iridescents and candies.

To go from base mango to final art took 3 weeks. It needs 3 coats per color to show. Very tedious, lots of cleaning my gun and waiting 8-12 hours for each mist coat of color to dry.

The new tail block which is like a hollogram since the yellow shows up at one angle and the candy green at another. Move you head slowly and it all comes into view and fades out.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What is going on

Translucent Flying Eyes are in production. It takes 4 days per board. Mostly drying time for each board with clear coats.

Kamikaze Radios, these are slowly being turned out but awaiting the wood.

Spiders, getting the wood on Monday!!!!

As well I don't post much to all the forums, busy with doing boards.

Another thing, I am trying a new paint system. It's nice stuff but goes on in light coats. Healthier then being around petro-chemicals.

Out of Print
Red Lipstick
Ipod Kamikaze Version 1.
Large Octo in red

Coming Soon Prints
Large Octo in teal or purple
Ipod Kamikaze Version 2.
Invasion Earth.
Evil Spock test print.

Future board releases
-Ipod 2 punk point 32.5"x8.50 ($155)
Comes with poster and CD and Stickers.
Very limited.

-Fusilier 1 32.5"x8.50 ($120)
Limited to 30 pieces.