Sunday, January 20, 2013

And end of a run.

Just an FYI about skateboards. I am no longer attempting to make even in small batches beautiful, hand crafted exact time consuming gallery quality skateboards. What was supposed to be a 4 year experiment has come to a conclusion. In that time I have labored, struggled and the rewards have not be in proportion to my time. Though I love skateboard, I love all that it entails I cannot deal to a minority of customers that no matter how much additional time I give for free to make sure their item, project or finished piece is nearly beyond anything ever created quality wise it has only put me behind the 8-ball and in the last year I cannot put myself at a disadvantage that results in the customer being at a disadvantage. My interest has always been art, not collectables.

I will continue to make skateboards and in the future will make releases however XXX has changed it's direction and I as an artist have changed my goals.

I make the highest quality constructed and finished skateboards. Maybe not the best art and maybe not your style and that is open to your taste however I make nice stuff that is durable and pretty.

Thank you,

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