Friday, July 2, 2010

Exclusive prints

Complete Aviation sets. There is a few complete sets of series 1, which consisted of 3 WWII planes. P40 Warhawk, Me109G and the imfamous Ohka rocket plane. Note about the Ohka, it's a real plane, some 500 where made and used by the Japanese, however only a few ever hit there targets due to Allied air supperiority. 24"x10" $80 for all 3. Singed and numbered.

This is a a test print of an image not meant for production besides a test run. Limited to 3 complete sets. It's currently being reduxed and will be released in July as a series of 3 prints of head, torso and hips and you can buy as many sections as your wife will allow. All are sold out except one set of 4 for $65+shipping.

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