Friday, July 2, 2010

Kamikaze Cross & Ipod Pig

Kamikaze Attack!

This board is a long time coming and is subsequent graphics. These are done on an exact copy of a 1980 Sims Animal Skin shape(same as Sims Kamikaze and Hosoi's first board) however it was patterned to be 10.50" wide and 30.5" long with 16" wheel base and 3.25" of nose. Each board is limited to 5 pieces in each design. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Kamikaze Cross: Airbrushed in 10 colors then silkscreened black outline taking exactness and skill over 5 hours of work. $200 preorder only(expected turn around 2 weeks)This is your last opportunity to get this amazing board after these 5 there will be no more like it.

Kamikaze Ipod Pig: Limited to 10 boards these are printed twice in red(very exact science) and then printed gallery ink black. Printed with top logo. These boards due to there exact printing standards are printed as ordered. Limited to 10 ever. Signed and numbered. $190

Always hand made, always made in America by the Artist.

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