Sunday, July 25, 2010

Space Monkey

space Monkey, Actually a juvenile Chimpanzee.

The first manned mission to Mars was a failure. The landing crew is feared dead or in need of a rescue.....

The second mission to Mars was by trained Chimpanzees....

It was discovered in the late 1940's that Chimpanzees can indure higher G's. Thus a 1 year trip to Mars could be done with simians at high G trust in half the time. Thus a crew of simians was sent.
These test where decerened from rocket sled experiements and high enertia blunt force test conducted by the U.S.A.F in the early 1950's. The USAF and NASA both launched Chimpanzee's into low earth orbit, including dogs and monkeys.

Closeup of actual larger ink with more going on.

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