Monday, October 11, 2010


XXX To be purchased by worlds largest Action Sports Retailer?
After 1 year of negotiations the small boutique brand XXX Skateboards created by Kray Sudderth is being looked at to be brought into the fold as a unique and unifying force in Skateboarding with sales in excess of 480 million world wide. Though small in size, XXX has created & maintained a 1 man operation against diversity and life altering issues. XXX has a knowledge base that surpasses companies 300 times it's size, creates more art collateral pound for pound. When commented the notorious artist Kray said that it was time that either someone steps up to keep this a family sized event or that a percentage be offered on the way before merger. Kray has created 66,326 skateboards by hand since 1982. He makes, shapes, creates his own art and is known for quality. He also related in any case customers come first, he values anyone and everyone that stuck through him as he fought for his health. Ultimately Kray would like that XXX stay a skater run company that makes fine art for skaters at a reasonable price.

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