Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pinup a Go-Go

Examples of various sized films for various sized shirts.

Well the pinups shirts all finally shipped. In the meantime my exactness to detail drove the printer insane. I actually pulled the last dozen myself. Consistency is my thing. The threads shirt was all me, the 3 color job took a lot of work to get right and was very expensive to make. The artwork for sized XL & XXL are 28.5" long diagonally. The large size demanded it's own films and it's own specialty board made. Overall the they are good. However there is going to be another run, different colors, different art with fish net stalkings.

A total pain and very expensive but pretty neat.

Thanks to those that bought them and waited patiently.

And remember the first time you wash your shirt, always turn it inside out and wash warm tumble dry low for the first few times to break in the image and not crack it.

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