Sunday, March 29, 2009

Working on it

First off, I am never ever ever ever ever again offering the method of stain on the Strings deck. Though beautiful it's time consuming and holds things up.

1. sand butt smooth.
2. brush on stain.
3. let dry 1 day.
4. remove stain till pores are clogged.
5. spray stain let dry.
6. wet sand with water.
7. clear coat.
8. wait one day to dry.
9. dry sand.
10. clear coat let dry 1 day.
11. wet sand again.

This goes on for like 3 days till so will skip 12-18

19. scuff with scrubby.
20. print black let dry 1 day.
21. print white, let dry 1 day.
22. spray micro coat clear.
23. airbrush in black.
24. micro coat clear.

The end product brings the grain up, the print floats between clear coats and catches light defusing it. If you appreciate something nice, this is your board. More then likely this is your board in the batch.

Total time, 12 working hours per board. A bargain and I love making them.

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