Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kami Eye Perfection 2 of 2

Previous version where mostly stock off the shelf colors. However this is something different and is done in hand mixed raw pigments. The red sunburst is candy yellow, then candy orange then red, medium red and bright red over 6 coats enamel that was hand sanded, smoothed and scuffed for a pre clear. Thus when at an angle it becomes a rich orange to red because the paint slightly floats above the white letting light through and shine from the inside.

Then all new pigments for the cross detail which is just 3 components. Alcohol, water & micro pigments. They are semi opaque. The greens are all hand brushed in layers of lime, medium green translucent and yellows. Then highlights painted in to make it look elastic and wet.

Dude was very patient, thus I put all the bells and whistles into it since it is the last one ever to be seen.

Total time, 32 hours, 3 attempts over 5 months.

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