Friday, October 14, 2011

Grim Reaper Proof Print

This is something I drew for myself and decided after it sitting around for a couple of years to do a few test prints.

Attempting to add various layers of editorial story telling to my work I finished this last year but it's been sitting around gathering dust. It's based on my love of old pulp covers, Night Gallery and well my version of hell. When you die, a door opens and a oddly equipped version of "Death" takes you to your personal hell across an odd plane of existence which now that I think about it is like in the movie Phantasm.

I just like the idea of expressing myth as practicality. And no death wouldn't have had a n Ak47, since this incarnation, amongst many died in 1940's and has those tools in which he was holding upon his death. Future versions of death would have caseless electric rifles...maybe elctro-plasma-swords....

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