Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dum-Zero on Metallic Acid 1 of 1 deck.

This is a 1 of a kind board and was very complex, very delicate and took all of my expertise to make consisting of 2 weeks of painting, drying and careful application of paint masks, silkscreening, and airbrushing over silkscreened areas. There is nothing like this or close to it.

To do the Elephants green it's was printed in white, then daisy, then masked out and airbrushed candy yellow, then lime candy, then transparent green. Finished in masked out pearl, clear titanium flake and aluminum flake in various coats to give it some depth. The rail(perimeter around the deck) was painted back to the stock base black so thus it fades in not out.

Between ever major color or effect there was a coat of clear that had to dry for 2 hours.

I will post some more pictures soon.

Thank you for looking.

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