Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bad Wolf Bomber Art Prototype Deck

This is another Bad Wolf. The first batch was used as tests to mount rivets and do different distressing methods. They were painted like how you weather a WWII era warplane model kit so those boards are a week away from being done and will be mind blowingly rad.

It was pulled from the cue to be offered as is and prestine. Imagine an airplane delivered fresh to a forward fighting unit and it's yet to be beaten to hell. So this is the pristine version.

About the Rivets:

The riveting is a precision alloy non-ferrous button-head 3/16 DD "fastner" used in aviation and were used in WWII(since the birth of aviation) and came from Boeing circa 1940's. These are precision drilled to match the convex of the board and are NOT held in with glue since I they were only drilled through 2.5" plys and are held like the originals by it's precision hole which the drill hole is .00-1,000th smaller. It wont ever come out. The board was printed white and is in a mixture of enamels and acrylics and cleared 3 times at various stages and was silkscreened then airbrushed and the hand painted.

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