Sunday, November 16, 2008

Removing the hight points

The below picture is an example that even after you hand select ever surface ply excluding any inconsistent wood patterns and pick desirable grains to be pressed. However even after each top and bottom ply go through an industrial sanding machine that there is difference in how the tighter grain takes pressure then the light grain.

Boards are sorted into two groups. Riders and hangers. I'm very critical about this process. Then boards are broken down twice again. Stains and paints. A finger tip examination is concluded. If a board has slightest of inconstancy that you'd never see but I can feel with my fingertips, the board is rejected and will get painted. Then the paint boars are broke down into two groups from there; boards to be painted light or dark.

All this is done after each top and bottom ply is hand selected, sanded 3 times in an industrial sanding machine and expertly sandwich for pressing.

Paint boards are silver base coated then sanded till almost all the paint is gone. Remaining pain is in the low points. Once again this difference is 1/4 the thickness of a human hair. But I can feel it and that makes all the difference.

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