Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm the factory: updates and whatnot

Over the last 7 weeks I've been some slow downs in production and delivery dates due to shop issues. There is often only me doing it all. From raw blob to fine created board out the door. Right now while I'm having some discomfort production is slowed and some shipping commitments have exceeded there dates. That is being corrected.

Understand if I sell a board that once inspected for shipping has a shelf mark and or scuff, there is no touching it up. Due to the lengthy, detailed process of automotive type finishings, paint, silkscreening and airbrushing that a board has to be redone. I often remake boards that sold at $75 to make sure you get a $150 paint job.

Shirts: We've branched out into shirts since you cannot wear a deck around your neck because people would fling bottles at you. At first we brought the shirts production in house but I've only so much time. It took a month nearly of disappointment till I found a printer that can meet my expectations on quality. All shirts have shipped currently

Nude Pinup unfortunately behind schedule. This is due to me being a detail freak and wanting it to be right. I expect a shipping date of 11/23 or before.

The shirts are as well very low production runs. Please note that once they are gone, I wont be making more. This is because I've other designs ready for there spot in the sun.

I apologize for delays, and please know your wait wont go unnoticed. Need anything, let me know.

And when I saw we, I mean myself. We just sounds more official.

Thank you,

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