Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm behind

Hey guys. I've been not feeling well for several weeks due to the heat. I've been pulling days from 9AM-4:30AM with a 1.5 hour break at 7PM to catch up on orders.

There's a bunch of good things happening and some not so good things in my life. However I press on. Please be patient as I am behind(but not super behind) on the Acid Spiders. These boards take a lot of work, about 1 day under ideal conditions to do one board. They start life as an uncut blank, are shaped, drilled and rounded. They have to be cleared and stored for 14 days before I can use the wood. My under-estimation was 2.5-3.5 weeks, I'm at that point so it will be 2 weeks more. Realize the hold up is the weather, it is more hot during the day, and cooler at night then last year.

There has been some changes.

Finishing coats: I am now using a poly clear, this takes 2 coats. I could use a rock hard acrylic clear, however it makes my boards look to showy. I like a realistic finish that doesn't blind you. Due to the use of poly clear, it's temperamental to environmental changes in heat, moisture and cool. It takes 2 micro coats of poly, then wet sanding, then full coat clear, then buffing then clear again. The end result is a dappled semi gloss. The reason for this is it will look better on a wall and last longer if you ride them.

Shipping: All orders are now shipped twice a week, Tuesday and Friday. This is due to the heat and the wet cold nights. It's just taking longer to make boards. Simply put.

- As well, all my stains and inks have to be reformulated since in the heat inks and paints are drying in the cup and on the screen. This is a major pain in the ass.

- For the delay in the Acid Spiders, if you choose to do business with me again, I will cut you a good deal. I wont forget patient people.

Commitment to quality: Please remember, these are not slammy-whammy shit silkscreen jobs and rattle can paint. I am using premium paints, premium inks of my own design. What I am making is something you will hopefully realize is a deal for the time and materials put into it.

Custom Orders: Custom orders take time, any change, such as a different stain or paint you might want doesn't always work. There is no one across-the-table solution. So bare in mind, I will do it, I will take the work but be patient. I charge well below what my time is worth because I like a puzzle and I want to make you happy.

Shipping quotes: Due to weather and accumulative custom orders I can no longer even make a guess-timation as to accurate shipping dates. Till the weather cools I am working most days from 4:30PM, to 4:00AM. All orders unless marked 'ready to go' are 3-6 weeks till delivery.

Thank you for reading.

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