Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'm in the midst of an middle ear infection and have a 103 fever. Though not life threatening I'll be fine. Nothing can ship till I feel better. The cause is being submerged in the smoke from the recent forest fires. As well had to clean my shop, don't do too well with agitated dust. The fire laid down on some equipment a film of white ash. However when the ash is wiped up it comes up brown like cigarette tar smoke.

As well unrelated possibly, my small air compressor; Iwata Powerjet Lite failed. Appears to be the compressor plate had rusted from excessive moisture. To replace it is $300. The compressor served me well, did some 300+ boards. I loved that compressor.

I am replacing it with essentially the same thing but with a 1 liter reserve tank. This should cause less wear on the automatic cut off valve and plate that went bad in the previous machine.

And yes I am behind.

There is issues not of my making but I am guilty of dealing with these guys. My woodshop has stuck it to me over and over. I only deal with them since they have no order minimums. However for a year they been selling me second quality uncut blanks, and some of these blanks are maybe 2 years old. A lot of blanks I cut go bad in a few hours. Some are pressed off center of the mold. The defects become obvious only after cutting. They charge me $24 a blank.

Over and over again I bring back boards and they give me replacements. They shuck and jive me, bullshit me, treat the situation as less them professional with three "bro" shit. This bleeds over into my commitments.

I am looking at two new woodshops.

My country for a quality piece of wood. I'd pay $30 for an uncut blank if someone could back there quality.

I back mine!

I'm delirious.

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