Friday, September 4, 2009


All orders are at a halt until the smoke from recent fires abates. I am working in a limited capacity do to soot and contamination in paint and not wanting to fight 110 degree weather. Please understand that many boards where ruined 60 days ago due to my inability to deal directly with my woodshop. A batch of boards where infact 12-18 months old and sold to me as new. Split veneers, some warping and all together low quality seconds that where passed to be as first quality and at a premium.

My business, your boards depends on quality made wood. I am no longer using this shop and have changed wood sources. I was bitten once before and it took 8 months to sort out the problem. It has come to the point that I will pay 30% more for a blank to assure quality. After doing this(skateboards) for 27 years quality boards, either to ride or hang is what you pay for. Nothing less will suffice.

All orders will be finished in the following weeks and or will ship soon. As my commitment to outstanding orders is, I sell no new boards till the cue is clear. Please try back in 2 weeks.

Please be patient and feel free to email me or request my phone number.

Thank you.

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